“Providing the bridge to enable you to establish in the EU”

The EU is a political and economic trading bloc with a population of over 500 million people. It is a massive market. It has a combined GDP of almost US$20 trillion which represents around 22% of the global economy.

Our company provides the bridge to enable your company to establish a business presence in the EU. We appreciate that taking the first step into a foreign market is a complex and difficult one.

Our multi-lingual and highly skilled and experienced team is located in both Korea and the EU and can guide you through that process. Our joint-venture is based in Germany and is connected with various institutions and corporations across Germany and the rest of Europe at the very highest levels.

We are uniquely placed therefore to meet you face to face in Korea and have boots on the ground so to speak in your chosen European market. Our goal is to achieve two things: (1) give you peace of mind and (2) assist you in making the right decisions.

We consult on:-

  • Feasibility
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Finding a suitable partner
  • Distribution networks
  • Logistics
  • Accessing third party professionals such as lawyers and accountants
  • Government grants and incentives